“The worst thing about sports bags is that they are sport bags,” Ultimatum Boxing founder Sergey Ivanyutin

“You’re going to the gym. You’re all stylish and cool. But what do you have over your shoulder? A sports bag? Well you know how they usually are: bright, garish colors, a huge sponsor and all that.

“It really bothered me when I worked in a banking world. Wearing a suit, finished off with a sports bag, you look like a throwback from the Olympics!”

Now let’s see...

The Ultimatum Duffel Bag is very much moulded in the sports casual style. More casual, than sport. Whether travelling to and from the gym, or simply travelling, you wouldn’t look out of place with this bag.

Solid black in color, it is made from a combination of natural leather and waterproof polyester fabric, with an inside pocket on the side for all your essentials, a classy inner-lining in our signature blue and green, precise stitching and fine accessories.

The Ultimatum Duffel Bag, as the name suggests, is made in the style of a classic army holdall: a vertical cylindrical shape with drawstrings on top. To prevent the rucksack from opening by itself, a strap with a snap-close lock is fitted on top, providing an extra level of security to the bag’s opening.

In contrast to classic backpacks, the Ultimatum duffel bag has only one carry strap, which allows you to carry it either on your shoulder, or across your back.

The best thing is, the rucksack doesn’t always open from the top. A zip runs along the whole side. Judging by reviews from our satisfied customers, this is extremely convenient.

And what about its size?

You’ll be pleasantly surprised to know we are told most often ‘it fits like a glove!’ A boxer or trainer’s complete set of training equipment will fit perfectly into the bag.


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