Ultimatum Boxing Professional Gen3Pro WhiteForce Lace-Up Training Gloves Reviewed by David Parkinson

It’s no secret that over the past few years my own athletic career has taken a back seat in order to effectively coach others.  However, I still love to stay sharp and cause some problems for my athletes and students during sparring sessions.

With that in mind, I was really glad to get my hands on some fresh training equipment courtesy of Ultimatum Boxing!

You know my feelings towards this brand; absolutely up there as a first choice when it comes to high quality and reliable boxing gear…The Gen3Pro White force lace-up gloves I received did not disappoint!  Let’s take a look at these bad boys.

Even after a couple of decades passing on my involvement within Boxing and combat sports; it’s still a great feeling to break in some new gloves.  That’s exactly what I did here and it was a pleasure as always.

I’ve been using the 14oz Gen3Pro white force lace up gloves quite heavily over the past few weeks with my team and they really are an exceptionally crafted glove.

Great protection without sacrificing that all important feedback on the punch, a nice tight fit with excellent wrist support and fantastic grip and thumb compartment.  This is the level I have come to expect from Ultimatum but it shouldn’t take away from how impressive it is.

I’ve got the 14oz Gloves which offer 1,6 inches of padding thickness in the knuckle area.  Great for me and of course team mates/sparring partners.


Knuckle area and Inner Foam

These Gen3Pro lace ups utilize Ultimatum Boxings' very own InnferForceg-Nano polymer foam.  This proprietary polymer foam was specifically designed for use within boxing gloves; a stark contrast to the cheaper and general purpose foams used by other brands.

What this gives you is an even greater absorption of punch impact force (70%) from both speed and power for high-level protection.

This purpose built padding also aids in the longevity of the glove and maintains shape and protective properties for an outstanding amount of time.

What Ultimatum have also done is add a specialty “closed cell” structure foam which sits in the layer closest to your hand.

This will benefit you immensely as it doesn’t soak up water and sweat in the way that a general purpose foam would; ensuring your gloves have a lot less chance of getting smelly or becoming breeding ground for bacteria.  I can definitely confirm this after some big sessions.


Outer Materials

By the materials used, both inside and out, it’s clear to see that Ultimatum have designed these gloves for durability and the demands of training in a professional environment.

A genuine leather from cowhide wraps the gloves and the smell out of the box just oozes quality.  You know the smell I’m talking about…artificial leather can tick the boxes for most things; but you can’t replicate real cow!

I’ve got a feeling these gloves are just going to soften and mold to my fist over time and I trust that with the craftsmanship and engineering within the glove…i’ll be able to use these gloves for a long time too.


Lace closure, Fit and Wrist protection

There’s a real soft inner to the glove with a nice low key pattern throughout; nicely in line with the overall classic feel to the whole thing.

What I really liked about the Gen3Pro glove was the natural grip which made making a nice tight fist effortless.  This has really aided the long and intense training sessions me and my team have been having and ensures hand protection is never compromised throughout (as long as we don’t get lazy).

The thumb compartment is really well angled to ensure natural movement and technique and works well with the rest of the hand compartment to maintain a good strike throughout training. 

Wrist protection is always paramount and often one of the more common injuries in Boxing and MMA gyms around the World. 

With that it mind you’ll take confidence from two foam stiffeners on the wrist area of this glove along with a well padded 5 inch cuff ensuring all round protection that you can really feel.

Whereas some other brands, many with a fantastic reputation, let themselves down with thin, cheap laces; Ultimatum have provided some real strong, flat style laces to firmly keep your gloves where they should be.

So, wether you’re a boxer looking for high quality, performance and engineering without the ludicrous prices some of the unnamed brands are charging now, or if you’re involved in other combat sports and require a glove with great protection and support without sacrificing on technique; you really can’t go wrong with this Ultimatum Gen3Pro white force glove.

You’ll be in possession of a glove that can handle the lengths and rigors of hard sessions and pro camps with exceptional performance and staying power.

These training gloves are available in sizes from 12 to 18oz.


David Parkinson is Tactical Strength and Conditioning Coach, Award Winning Combat Sports Trainer, Former Royal Marines Commando, Technical Coach specializing in the realms of Combat sports and Tactical/Operational performance. David has held high-level coaching positions on 3 different continents and has successfully competed at the highest level in places including China, Brazil, USA and the UK.


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