We’re going to talk about what respect means to us at Ultimatum Boxing

Don’t worry, we’re not going to lecture you for the hundredth time about the obvious. Everyone knows that decent guys respect each other, even if they’re standing in opposing corners. What more can you add?

We’re going to talk about what respect means to us at Ultimatum Boxing.

We respect boxers and practitioners of other martial arts irregardless of their level of sporting achievement. People who have crossed the threshold of a gym, found motivation, meaning, accomplishment, or just simply a good feeling for themselves. Everything we do for you, we do out of respect.

We hold your trust dear. Every customer at Ultimatum Boxing becomes a member of the #ultimatumboxing team. For us this means an awful lot. A year-long guarantee on equipment is the least we can offer you in return. Just know this: whatever happens to your gloves, helmet or pads - we look after our own. It’s been this way since day one and that’s the way it will stay.

And of course, we respect your freedom of choice. We believe that the huge choice of brands and models of boxing equipment works in a boxer’s favor. You will never hear a bad word said or a bad review about other brands and their products. We will never shove anything down your throat. We make equipment for boxing how we believe it should be made. If you hold a different opinion, we respect that.

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