Focus Mitts For Boxing AirPads NAVY
Focus Mitts For Boxing AirPads NAVY
Focus Mitts For Boxing AirPads NAVY
Focus Mitts For Boxing AirPads NAVY

Focus Mitts For Boxing AirPads NAVY

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"Pads for everyday use that will protect my hands best as well as being lightweight and compact for speed work," that's how veteran amateur and pro-turned coach at the famed Russian gym Bupas, Andrei Ivichuk, described our AirPads BLK pads.

A comfortable fit and special no-slip grip are fundamentals of our design, our pads also feature added ventilation to the hands and fingers during use, with replaceable padding all rounded off with a slick, stylish design. In keeping with the ‘everyday’ theme, the new product costs just $200, otherwise what kind of everyday pads would we be talking about? Our pads are made so you can use and enjoy them daily, not just on media days.

Cushioning for optimum impact absorption

The pads feature hybrid air-cushion padding of soft and hard foam layers with a catch-hole in the front area which compresses to steadily absorb the full force of the punch upon impact. The beauty of the soft and hard layer padding system is in its science, as by the time the padding fully absorbs the blow, the residual power of the punch decreases three-fold.

We have been testing and improving out air-cushion padding over the past two years and our research has yielded results that make the pads have become lighter and more durable.

Absolute hand & finger protection

In their original design the AirPads come with a finger cover, which is essential in keeping the tools of the trade protected and safe from inevitable wear and tear. Hand protection during while training your boxers is paramount and we promise never to charge you extra for essentials.

Our training technology prioritises your comfort not only during, but after training. For that reason, we placed two mesh-covered air vents over the finger lid to add more support and to also make sure the AirPads dry out as soon as possible after being used.

We matched the lightest in the industry

We were determined to fit the weight of the AirPads within a 10 Oz limit to give that authentic pro-glove feel to the pads. The new air-cushion accounted for an extra 30 grams and another 30 grams were shaved off while preserving each and every vital component which makes the pad what it is - the lightest in the business.

In most focus mitts, the shell accounts for half the weight. To reach our target, our options included using thinner leather, but we weren’t prepared to sacrifice the mitts' much-needed enforcement, which eventually brought us to the same weight issues.

Instead, we searched for a lightweight, low-stretch material that didn’t compromise on high physical strength. And we found one.

High-Tech Material - not just environment friendly, but really pays off

Advanced engineered materials are rightly considered the future of the industry and are shaping the way the sport’s equipment is designed and manufactured. Durable, ecologically neutral, lightweight and attractive, top-tier engineered materials are in many ways considered a better alternative to genuine leather due to their tear, stretch and moisture resistance, and weight, processing, and colour retention advantages.

The emergence of new high-tech material means genuine leather boxing gear could soon fall out of routine use and become simply a collector’s choice.

Sports car interior comfort

We fitted the inner surface of the glove with original Alcantara™ material. That’s the same soft, suede-like synthetic textile material used in Louis Vuitton bags or inside Williams Formula One cars. Soft, pleasant to touch, extremely durable, sweat resistant and highly cohesive, what else might you need for a comfortable fit? Add that to a glove construction that fits and expands to the shape of your hand to sit tight and snug and fit you like, well, a glove. That’s the high-tech luxury comfort you get with our AirPads

Moisture dry padding defence to stay dry & prolong pad lifespan

In order to ensure your AirPads serve your hands and arms for as long as possible, we placed a water-repellent barrier between the mitt’s palm and the padding to protect against any possible damage brought about by moisture penetrating the sponge-like foam. The padding will therefore not absorb a single drop of sweat while also meaning the AirPads will require the same amount of time to dry out as the comforting Alcantara™.

Okay, looks like you're full of surprises. What else you got?

Soft-padding focus pads all share one common drawback: the padding usually bottoms out through wear and tear. The more intense the usage, the sooner the pads will lose their protective properties. So how do we solve this? Was it worth the effort to design the AirPads with a 3-fold strength margin if you have to throw them away as soon as the padding bottomed out? Sure it was! We’ve made it easy to give your AirPads a second lease of life. Simply order a replacement on our website and get 75% off the original AirPads padding and keep on going. 

The AirPads are a revelation, not just for Ultimatum Boxing, but to the entire boxing community. Never before were such benefits readily available to the customer but the AirPads provide that and more. No overpaying, no long waits. Place an order today and enjoy the safety and outstanding features of the best equipment the game has to offer just a few days later.

Thank you for taking the time to explore our new AirPads from the Ultimatum Bupas Collection. Read on to find out more about our full product range. We sure you won’t regret it.

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