Ultimatum Boxing Mexican Style Headgear Reload 3.0
Ultimatum Boxing Mexican Style Headgear Reload 3.0
Ultimatum Boxing Mexican Style Headgear Reload 3.0
Ultimatum Boxing Mexican Style Headgear Reload 3.0

Ultimatum Boxing Mexican Style Headgear Reload 3.0

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There’s a strange rule in the market when it comes to training gear for beginners – it’s always expected to be cheap and thus poor quality. One may object that it’s not true. Well, being a maker of professional fight gear for years we can argue. There’s no ways to make well performing gear cheap. As a beginner you’re exposed to a whole range of risks which may result in unnecessary injuries or patterns while you’re building up your technique and condition your body for real work. We introduced the Reload line to save you from a tough selection process. We know how hard it is for you – as a beginner – to figure out which gear is right for you. Based on our expertise in the field of professional gear we made the headgear which is right for you.

  • UNCOMPROMISED HEAD PROTECTION. No matter if you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner making your first steps in boxing, head protection is most important! There’s now such thing as ‘some degree of protection’. That’s why we made the Reload line headgears a complete copy of the professional line.
  • 3-FOLD DECREASE OF IMPACT FORCE. We designed an InnerForceHG padding system specifically to be used in Ultimatum Boxing headgears to give you the best possible level of safety. The most protected areas are the forehead, temples, cheeks and sides of the chin. The headgear also gives you a high level of nose protection from straight or side punches. Laboratory testing proves up to 70% decrease of impact force in the most protected areas in the complete range of punch power.
  • COMFORTABLE FIT. The last thing you should be concerned with while sparring is the headgear that moves around and interferes with the vision! We made this headgear so that you will forget that you’re wearing one as soon as you put it on. It has an extremely light weight of 12 oz., ensures tight fit preventing sliding and gives a natural vision. The headgear comes in one-size-fits-all construction and will fit boxers with the head circumference of 21,6 – 24,5 inches.
  • EASY FITTING. We recommend that you don’t try to tighten the back hook-and-loop closure when the headgear is put on your head. Instead we suggest that you experiment with the width of the back closure and try to put on the headgear with the back closure fully closed. In case the edge of the bottom layer of hooks sticks out and scratches against the back of your head we recommend to fold the edge so that it’s hidden behind the protective pad.
  • EASY CARE. The outer surface material is genuine cowhide leather, which requires no or little care. Simply let your headgear dry in the room temperature after each use and apply leather care lotions on your discretion.

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