Ultimatum Boxing Professional Groin Protection Gen3Cup Carbon

Ultimatum Boxing Professional Groin Protection Gen3Cup Carbon

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The Gen3Cup series of groin protectors is now the most used groin cup in the Russian pro boxing community. It is valued for the complete protection, comfortable fit, light weight and natural freedom of movement. The groin cup is made of genuine leather and comes in four serial sizes. We recommend to choose the size based on your weight class.

  • S-size (up to 130 lb.)
  • M-size (130 – 160 lb.)
  • L-size (160 – 200 lb.)
  • XL-size (extra big guys)
The groin cup comes with elastic straps and laces on the back.
  • The Gen3Cup groin protection is designed to ensure professional level of protection and meet the highest performance standards.
  • Ensures anatomic fit on top or underneath the trunks and covers all most vulnerable areas.
  • Made of genuine leather.
  • Ensures natural freedom of movement and light weight.

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