Information for partners


The following information should under no circumstances be considered as a formal public offer. We reserve ourselves the right to at any given moment and without prior notification introduce any adjustments to the current document. None of the conditions herein outlined below are binding. The information in this section should be regarded as an expression of our intention to supply a certain set of special conditions to professionals within the fight industry, if such a decision should be made based on our information and accompanying circumstances.

Professionals within the fight industry - are any individual, organisation or individual entrepreneur, whose fundamental field of professional work is directly related to boxing and martial arts.

Those considered falling into the category of professionals within the fight industry in the context of this section are as follows:

  • Licensed professional athletes and members of national sports teams
  • Trainers and coaches
  • Cutmen
  • Managers of professional athletes
  • Clubs and martial arts schools
  • Promotional companies
  • Specialised martial arts equipment retailers

Special pricing conditions

If boxing and the fight game is your job - then you deserve respect and a special treatment from us. Having become one of our accredited partners, you will receive a discount on purchases on all our products. The amount of discount is set individually for each accredited partner depending on the type of professional activity.

An accredited partner is a professional within the fight industry, who has been accredited and/or entered into an appropriate contract with Ultimatum Boxing.

Accreditation process

To begin the accreditation process fill in an application below. Depending on which category of professional participant you fall into, we will ask you specific questions, which will help us make the right decision. As a rule, we make a decision on accreditation over the course of three working days, after which we will notify you by email.