Focus Mitts For Boxing AirPads SAND
Focus Mitts For Boxing AirPads SAND
Focus Mitts For Boxing AirPads SAND
Focus Mitts For Boxing AirPads SAND

Focus Mitts For Boxing AirPads SAND

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"...everyday use working pads that will protect my hands best and at the same time will be lightweight and compact for speed work..." - that's pretty much how Bupas Coach described what we were going to make. Comfortable fit and no-slip grip went without saying, of course. And what do you say about adding ventilation to the finger lid, replaceable padding and cool-looking design? Sure! And the new pads should not cost more than $200, or else what kind of 'everyday use working pads' were we talking about? We made the pads that you guys could enjoy daily, not just on media days.

The cushioning that will make you happy

The air-cushion padding is a combination of layered soft and hard foams with a catch-hole in the front area. This type of padding ensures a very soft connection and steady absorption of the impact force. By the time the padding fully compresses and absorbs the energy of the impact the residual power of the punch decreases 3-fold to stay within the safety range.

We equipped the AirPads with the newest generation of the air-cushion padding we have been improving for the past two years. It has become lighter and more durable.

Fingers are under protection

In its original design the AirPads come with a finger cover, which is essential in terms of safety. We will never charge you extra for anything that should be there in the first place.

And we placed two mesh covered air vents to the finger lid to add more comfort of use and ensure the AirPads dry as soon as possible.

We made it! Matched the industry lightest peer

We were determined to fit the weight of the AirPads within 10 Oz or 280 grams. You know, why ) The new air-cushion won us 30 grams. 30 more grams were still to be found while preserving all the crucial features and benefits.

The shell accounts for half of the weight in most focus mitts. We could use thinner leather, but it needed enforcement, which eventually brought us to the same weight issues. We were looking for a material with high physical strength, low stretch and light weight, which would go well without additional enforcement. And we found one.

High-Tech Material - not just being environment friendly. It really pays off

Top-tier advanced engineered materials are to a certain extent the present and 100% - the future of the industry. Durable, ecologically neutral, lightweight, nice looking they beat genuine leather in many fields. Like tear, stretch and moisture resistance, weight, processing, color retention etc. A few years will pass and genuine leather boxing gear will become a collector’s choice rather than daily use items. 

S-Class Comfort. BMW owners read as 7-Series Comfort

We fitted the inner surface of the glove with original Alcantara™. This is the best comfort finishing material invented by humankind. Soft, nice to touch, extremely durable, sweat resistant and highly cohesive. What else do you need for a comfortable fit? Oh, yes, a deep and anatomic construction of the glove. Of course, we did that too so that your AirPads sit tight and still on your hands.

Forever dry padding. Did you know it was important?

In order to ensure your AirPads serve your hands and elbows as long as possible we placed a water repellent barrier between the palm compartment and the padding to save the padding from the destructive influence of moisture penetrating the sponge-like foam. The padding will not absorb a drop of sweat and the time the AirPads will need to dry completely will be the time the comforting Alcantara™ dries out.

Okay, looks like you're full of surprises. What else you got?

Soft-padding focus pads have one common disappointing feature - the padding bottoms out over time and use. The more intensive the usage, the sooner the pads will lose their protective properties. So what do we do? Was it worth the effort to design the AirPads with a 3-fold strength margin if you had to put them away as soon as the padding bottomed out? Sure, it was! We made it easy to give your AirPads the second life. Simply order a replacement padding at our website for a quarter-price of the AirPads and keep on going.


The AirPads is an outstanding thing to happen not just to Ultimatum Boxing, but to the whole boxing community. Never before were you able to buy anything close to the benefits the AirPads deliver at this price. Today this is a simple fact. No overpaying, no long waits. You place an order today and enjoy the safety and all other cool features a few days on.

That’s all we wanted to say about the new AirPads from the Ultimatum Bupas Collection. Thanks for reading it all! We truly mean it.

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