Ultimatum Boxing FocusPaddles Hard SAND
Ultimatum Boxing FocusPaddles Hard SAND
Ultimatum Boxing FocusPaddles Hard SAND

Ultimatum Boxing FocusPaddles Hard SAND

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Our precision speed-work FocusPaddles have been completely redesigned and modernized to maximise your combination, ring movement and endurance training regimes. In creating the new FocusPaddles, we focussed on three main features: endurance, grip comfort and a new-improved, solid look.

Hard paddles
Dimensions: 330 * 170 * 35 mm (13 * 6.7 * 1.4 in)
Weight: 220 g (7.8 oz) each

  • ENDURANCE. The revamped FocusPaddles are equipped with a totally new padding system: unlike the previous model, which tended to lose firmness and suffer decreased resistance with use, the upgraded version features a metal stiffening rib positioned along the paddles all the way up from the handle to the punching area. This new approach gives the new product increased durability and connection feedback.
  • COMFORT. To increase the product’s comfort, we have entirely removed the lacing from the new FocusPaddles and replaced them with a zip-lock closure system positioned in the top edge of the paddles giving the entire equipment a more compact yet comfortable feel.
  • LOOK. Quality is not just key to creating our training gear. We pay great attention to the look and style of each and every product, and here is no different. The style of the new FocusPaddles is sleek, smooth and elegant to the final detail. As we say - we don’t just create near flawless equipment, we create impressions that last.

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