Ultimatum Boxing Heavy Bag 120 X 40 BLK-ECO

Ultimatum Boxing Heavy Bag 120 X 40 BLK-ECO

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Premium quality heavy bag. Outer surface is made of Triple-Shell Technology enforced high-performance engineered leather. The heavy bag is supplied unfilled.

Dimensions: Height - 120 cm (47 in), Diameter - 40 cm (16 in)
Weight: Unfilled - 6 kg (13 lb), Filled - 60 kg (130 lb) if filled with fabric
Installment: The heavy bag is supplied unfilled. You will need approx. 60 kg (130 lb) of shredded fabric, a spring-hook and a chain to adjust the vertical position of the bag.

Note: In-stock items ship within 1-2 business days. We’re trying to keep our heavy bags in stock all the time, but in limited quantities. However, when somebody comes and clears out the whole stock to equip a new boxing gym your order might take time to be fulfilled. Normally we produce heavy bags each month so the longest you may have to wait is one month. Please take this into account and if timing is a sensitive factor, please inquire about specific items availability and stocking forecast before you place your order.

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